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Embarking on the study of yoga is a highly personalized endeavor. Some of us come to yoga for the management of pain, some to maintain their youthful flexibility, while others seek to explore the interplay of body/mind/spirit. Regardless your inspiration, the ancient practice of hatha yoga has proven itself for over 2000 years as an effective means of discovery. Please join us for premium quality classes and one-on-one instruction.

With founder Scott Anderson's 31 years of yoga practice and 25 years of yoga teaching experience, you are assured a safe and supportive atmosphere in which to explore the vast subject of hatha yoga.

Understanding Joint Laxity

We're delighted to announce Scott's recent workshop, Understanding Joint Laxity, is now available to purchase and view from home! Many in the Yoga community live with the challenges arising from joint laxity - and yoga can be an effective means to work with it. In this program, you will learn how joint laxity is not the same as flexibility, along with practical techniques for working with various degrees of joint laxity.

Upcoming programs
        begins Oct. 28-30
        begins Jan. 20-21
           Scott Anderson is the lead instructor.
        begins Jan. 29
           Early Bird discount ends Sept. 15.
        June 22-24
        July 16-22


Scott Anderson brings Master energy through when he teaches yoga. He combines that energy with his extensive knowledge of anatomy and a sense of humor. As a result his sessions are energizing rather than exhausting or depleting. He is one of the best body readers I know. His attention to strengthening physical bodies is for the physical bodies in front of him, not an ideal in his head.
The physical work is just one aspect of the yoga Scott practices. He treats the person.

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